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I wanna buy a new laptop since a long time


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Lenovo got back this ultrabook from markets. There is the last sales in my country. This because I'm hesitationing. If it's a defective model I'm gonna be regretful for buying this. I looked reviews and I heard good things about this. But I want to alternative choises. If I will pay for this I want to know how good it for today and future.

I want to high system speed and a bit game performance. For example BattleField 4 in low settings 30 fps and better. (I'm not gonna play battlefield4. I think it has very high system requirements. This because I said it)

Can you provide me another ultrabook like this ? I'm looking for a new laptop since a long time. I wann ultra portable ultrabook. I've an obession for Li-Polymer or Li-Cylindrical batteries and SSD's. I wanna very thin case.

Please do comments for this. Which laptop should I buy ?


I've found this. Is it useful ?


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just go and check the laptop out that fits you if you want a high performance laptop check out the desktop replacement laptop that's good for

game performance and it have good processor and RAM and i think it have a usb 3.0 and graphics 4GB that should be a good laptop for your gaming

most important thing is you should check the laptop out for your self and check out the game requrement. :grin:

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The problem, as you're figuring out right now, is that you have conflicting interests.

You want a very thin, lightweight laptop.

Thin means cooling is more difficult (little room for heatsinks, no room for good fans, small volume of air that can flow through the system), so typically you get only moderately fast hardware as it doesn't get very hot.

Much of the weight in a laptop is the battery, so they tend to be low capacity. You're also probably the only person on the planet that states the _type_ of battery as a buying concern.

Next you say you want high speed and a bit of gaming performance aswell.

This implies a hotrod CPU which tend to be scorchers and battery guzzlers aswell.

For the gaming a GPU built into the CPU isn't going to cut it by any stretch of the imagination, so you're going to need one that has a separate, discrete mobile graphics card which, again, tend to be scorchers that chew through batteries like their life depends on it (and in a way it does).

My advice to you would be to take your feature wishlist and prioritise the items.

Start with what you need. At what point is a CPU fast enough? I'm sure faster is better, but at what point is a CPU fast enough for you to warrans pending your hard-earned cash on it?

Same with the GPU, at what point is it fast enough? You've already put some thought into it, but is it really a requirement? Do you maybe have a different machine you could play games on rather than on this thing?

What battery life do you need? I mean, really need. Do you expect to work on it non-stop, unplugged, for several hours at a time?

What thickness is the max acceptable? What weight? Etc etc etc.

Now that you have your list of minimal requirements, prioritise them. Give them a 'weight' which is a number that defines the significance of this feature which you can use later to assign a score to a possible laptop you're considering.

If you give your CPU a weight of 2 and a GPU a weight of 1.5 and you were to consider 2 laptops that match your minimum requirements except that one comes with a CPU that's twice as fast as your minimum requirements and the other comes with a GPU that's twice as fast then the doubling of the performance means a score of 2 on either the CPU or the GPU for each laptop, but the weight makes the first score 4 and the second 3 showing that the first one is the better laptop for your specific needs.

Look for a number of laptops that you think might fit your bill and are within budget. Rate them according to your list and use this to figure out if this works for you.

Anybody that says "you should get model X" is screwing you over because they have NO IDEA what you're really after. And until you make that list of requirements, neither do you.

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