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Ducky Android App V0.0.1 (Unreleased)(Project On Hold Read Big Up Date)


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Big Up Date

The Project is now at Halt due to fact that my Rubber Ducky Has Red Light And i cant fix it so i will be buying a new one after i saved up for WiFi Pineapple

i will be still coding it but cant really test any thing that needs a rubber ducky SORRY

Read Me First

This project was pick up From Hak5 User SEE CREDITS FOR NAME'S But seem project was drop so i takeing on my self to carry this

on due to amount of people Requesting this am not coder i only really know batch (KILL me i know) i fort why not make something of use and

not other webpage reader like android store is full of them so this will take time more time than any one else so thanks

Know Bug's

1.Load Payload dose not work

2.save .bin dose not save to cd but to phone internal memory


Old Project Owner: joseph pintozzi

I have given right to edit this project and give modified Project away



Exported project to android studio ( taken me last 2 days to fix it all then Google make update that make all my work go to hell so GG all fixed now)

Working on save as it not playing nice may need to make folder for all saved for
trying to work out how to make it open ever .text or .bin will look about may need some help google my friend


Q1.Will it be on Google store

A1.i hope so but google may not like what it used for but i cant see why not they have terminal so why hell not

i will be email them to see were i stand Dont worry if not i will Host it on my own site For you guys

Q2.How much will this cost?

A2.Free Why? one it not my it free code and two Shareing is caring

Q3.Can we the users help ?

A3.God yes i will all ways love your input and help as i said i am very new so it will help me if i am stuck

Q4.Can we ask for stuff to be added ?

A4.Yes but keep in mind i am new But ye for sure i cant think this all out on my own

If you like to post in Q&A Just put Q.A In your pm or comment and it will be add


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