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[Encoder] DuckyEncoder GUI 1.0 + Editor with Syntax Highlighting


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DuckyEncoder GUI 1.0

I've developed a GUI for the DuckyEncoder. It's based on the DuckyEncoder 2.6.3, but is a standalone, runnable jar file. No installation required! It should work on all operating systems, but I only tested it with Windows!


You can specify an input file, a layout file, and an ouput file. It is possible to browse the computer for said files, or enter the path manually! The layout files are included in the jar, so you don't need an extra resources folder somewhere on your computer. Leave the layout file blank, and the standard one is being used.

If you specify an input file, the editor automatically opens it and shows the content including syntax highlighting (for the most commands, not all keys yet). It is also possible to just start writing your code in the editor and export it right away, or saving the code in a file!

If you click export bin and everything's ok, the .bin file will be exported to the path specified in output path! To run the program just double click the downloaded .jar file!

Reviews are highly appreciated! If you notice any bugs or have suggestions for more features - tell me!

This program is open source licensed - https://github.com/m1s73r/duckygui

(If you're a developer and want to help contact me!)


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That is fantastic. I'll have a look at the application later.

This is a great tool for people starting out with the ducky. I see you have coded in Java, so does that mean that you have managed to somehow imbed the duckencoder in the application?

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What a great contribution. Thanks for sharing! I love it :)

Added to the official usbrubberducky.com site! :)

Darren, just went to the USB Rubber Ducky Website, and I find the domain name is not shown, rather the IP Address -

There may be some kind of error in the webpage that changes the domain name.

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Hello Darren and m1s73r,

I really like all softwares with beautifull GUI, thats why I decide to help by adding a pretty wrapper to the jar for Windows (because if you are on Windows to launch it you need to use "java -jar" ) and I make a release in .exe with beautifull logo and splash screen (like Photoshop :D ).

There is some screenshots:



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