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Field Day 2014


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This annual event always starts on the 4th full weekend in June (tomorrow) at 1800Z and runs for 24 hours. Us wacky ham radio geeks are living large on the airwaves but doing so in grand style, in the field of course just as the name implies. Look around the area where you live for really big antennas in places where you don't normally see them. Bring your SDR, or your drones with Pineapple WiFi and cameras or just come out and check it out. To help you find a site near you, click this link... http://www.arrl.org/field-day-locator

I build/maintain and operate the VHF/UHF and Satellite station and host the computer network and logging database for PAARA, call sign W6ARA. If you do come to the park to visit and stop by my station, I will autograph a QSL card just for stopping by. If you hear "W6ARA" any where in the world on one of the amateur radio bands, send us a postcard or an email listing the time, frequency and the town where you live and we will send you a rather stylish confirmation card (QSL card) in a couple weeks - KD6W

PAARA (Palo Alto Amateur Radio Association)
Bedwell Bayfront Park
Menlo Park, CA
GOTA: YES (if you have never operated a radio, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! NO LICENSE REQUIRED!)
Talk-in: Freq: 145.23 MHz Shift: -600 KHz PL:100Hz (only good in the San Francisco Bay Area)
Contact: Doug Teter - KG6LWE / Joel Wilhite - KD6W
dteter@wcwi.com / kd6w@arrl.net
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