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MKV unusual behavior


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Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone could give me a suggestion about what could be happening with my Mkv.

I recently purchased an 18dbi PARABOLIC ANTENNA with the intention to use it with my MKV.(I also bought SMA Male Jack to RP-SMA Female Adapter from the Hakshop a while back)

Well when connecting the parabolic antenna to my PC wifi adapter, the antenna captures around 50+ hotpots in the WIFI list. The same thing happens when using Kali. However when using the MKV it varies from 7 hotspots to 30, or even 50.

It contantly changes its amount (up and down) of detected hotspots. Is this normal?

Another concern i have is when using Kali, i could identify WPS and use reaver to hack. It associates perfectly and i get a percentage count. However when trying to crack the "same AP, that was identified in Kali" i get the "Failed to associate" message. That's strange.

What I've done to try to remedy this:

  • Formated my SD card
  • Re-flashed the mkv.

Results, are the same. :(

Can someone please give me a suggestion?

Thanks guys.

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Well, the parabolic is very directional, is it pointing in the same direction as when you tested on the other adapters? Also, carefully examine the SMA adapter and its connection between your pigtail and the pineapple.

Just grasping here.

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Thanks Fringes.

I figured out the problem.

Wlan0 can't or shouldn't be set to the same channel as your WPS target.

If you want to be sure that it's going to work, simply disable wlan0 and connect with an eternet cable.

I still can't understand how a signal can very from 50% to 90% quality.



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