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Hak5 shop not returning emails


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I'm sure they are busy i'd know i've got so much stuff i need to be doing but so overwelmed to know where to get started need to finish videos on MK5 other videos i need to work on still need to redo all my old videos i don't have a studio where i can get the videos done in a quite place so i kinda have to wait till i can time a good time to do it.

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winkillerx, I'm looking into this right now. We take customer happiness very seriously and will do everything in our power to make things right. We're a very small team and it can sometimes take 24-48 hours for a reply (mostly with weekends) so I hope you can accept my apology for the delay.


I see the item was a shipping exception - the package made it to a UPS retail location where after some time being ready for pickup it was rejected with "The receiver does not want the product and refused the delivery. / We'll contact the sender or receiver about this delivery."


I'm talking to Sara now and we're getting to the bottom of this. I'm not sure why your email was filtered but we've found it and it was our fault. I'll continue looking into the filters to ensure this never happens again. Your patience is greatly appreciated. We're express shipping a replacement to the address on file by DHL. They're a bit faster than UPS in this case. It will go out tomorrow. Of course at no cost to you. If there's anything further I can do to make your HakShop experience better please let me know. My cell phone number is yours XORd by 13587128526

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