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Question about using the WiFi Pineapple as a WiFi adapter (and nothing else)


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This might be a very stupid question, so forgive me.

If I just want to use the WiFi adapter inside of the Pineapple for pen testing with Linux, but not use any of the features of the Pineapple, how would I do this?

I'm not sure if this make sense. Basically, I was looking to buy a Pineapple just to play with and I was also looking into buying one of the Alfa series WiFi adapters for working in Kali. Rather than spending $130 for both the pineapple and the alfa adapter, could I just buy the pineapple and use it as the wifi adapter whenever I please or do I have to jump through some hoops. Can I just power one of the radios from the USB port or does it always need the power adapter plugged in/

Thanks for the help!

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