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Using a Surface Pro 2 for pen testing


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Im not sure if this is a silly question or not but, what issues will I run into as far as running something like kali through a virtual machine? from what Ive experienced so far trying to get this thing to dual boot into kali is just short of a nightmere but I have the virtual machine running great and have a USB wifi dongle to get wifi working just fine.

I guess my question is partially is it less secure doing something like this with a host and VM over running a machine that just has kali installed?

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I prefer my nexus 7 2013 tablet only because i doubt Micosoft app store is as good as Google's Market.

Should look into getting a Nexus 7 Tablet you might be able to find a decent one used on ebay for under $150

I was talking on another forum about something of this same your speaking of right now kinda

Here is my nexus 7 setup.



about a month old pictures but nothings changed maybe a few more smears :D

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