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Any chance of tracking Helicopters with SDR dongles aircraft is one thing but im not aware of helicopters having a tracker in them.

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Didn't see it with ADS-B and the SDR dongle but I did see a heliocopter flying from somewhere East of the UK moving to land(probably from an oil rig) on Flightradar24 about a month ago so it seems that some heliocoptes are using ADS-B.

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Yeah kinda what i figured but i just thought i'd ask i heard some people are able to track UAV's flying around. I seem to have alot of Helicopters flying around once in a while.

Would be nice to know which on they are.

Between the...

Police Helicopters

News Helicopters

Mosquito Control


It's hard to tell which one it is fly around.

Good to know for future references when i do a video on tracking aircraft just wanted to pull up some information.

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This sites tracks any Military or Goverment registered aircraft or helicopter. If you noticed, you'll see many police helos, Dept. of Homeland Security helos and US Coast Guard Helos if you keep watching. This site displays the Mode-S data regardless if there is lat/long info with it:


Helos & Aircraft use the very same transponder.



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Old thread, but as a helicopter pilot I would like to chime in. Yes, helicopters have a transponder with ADS-B, and mode s. All aircraft flying in and through controlled airspace are required to have this.

Unfortunatly this is not a requirement yet but the good news is that all aircraft in controlled airspace must be equipped with ads-b out by 2020.

I believe the requirement now are:

USA (FAA) All commercial turbine-powered transport aircraft with more than 30 passenger seats (or MTOW above 33,000 lb or 15,000 kg) TCAS II 1 January 1993


When do I have to equip?

The rule requires ADS-B Out performance by January 1, 2020, to operate in designated airspace. If you never fly into ADS-B-designated airspace, then there is no requirement to equip.

The ADS-B ground infrastructure is being deployed now and will be fully deployed by 2014, so those who choose to equip early will realize benefits long before the mandate.

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