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My Girlfriend Hacked My Phone And Laptop

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Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to verify that my cell phone was hacked and that my laptop was hacked, they still are. It is an htc 8x windows 8.1 phone. My passwords for all of my accounts were found from my laptop. I think that a keylogger was installed in the laptop at least. I just don't think it's right for someone to be able to get away with this and for everyone to say that it's safe to put all of your information on electronic devices. I had personal poetry and creations that I put online under different aliases and I feel like my privacy has been greatly violated by her doing that. I know that karma comes to us all but I just want to end the surveillance. Its been almost 4 years now that I know of. And nobody seems to be able to verify if a device is actually being hacked. If it is money I would be willing to pay to have proof and to be able to track and prove what the source is.

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This may be a case of paranoia. Windows phones are POS and have very limited support as it is for an app store let alone virus/trojan/malware. Although it does run Win8, it's not a high value target.

As for the laptop, just do an antivirus scan using an online scanner or boot cd scanner.

A little confused on the "Its been almost 4 years now that I know of." part.

Doing a full analysis on the laptop would cost you a pretty penny from a private sector investigator.

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1. Make a backup of all your 'creations', documents, images, photos.... basically everything that you don't have an installer for and which is *NOT* software and/or some program.

2. Format the thing. Wipe everything and start over. In the eternal words of Ellen Ripley: "Nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."

3. Reinstall from a verified source.

Sucks, yes. But your current situation is that you cannot trust your machine. Given that, would you make any new creations on _that_? Would you register a new account on _that_? Even if you found some malware removal program that found something and removed it, all you know is that something WAS there. You can't be sure that the main culprit has been removed and each time something strange happens, you'll ask yourself if that bit of malware really was removed.

Start over!

Same with your online accounts and personas. Assume that all of them are compromised. From your fresh install, create new ones. Be aware that you may have to change your password generation scheme. If someone knows you're into seagulls and you previously always used "S34gul1" as your password, pick something non-bird-related and use that. For any 'forgot password' type questions, pick ones that you're confident nobody other than you yourself should know. This is akin to locking your passport in a safe that only YOU have the combination for. If it's plausible that someone other than yourself can get access, YOU ARE NOT SECURE! THAT is the problem you need to fix.

From either a virtual machine you made for this purpose (meaning you remove it completely from your system when you're done) or some public machine (library, school, etc), log on to your old accounts, inform your friends/family/loved ones that your new account is now X (DO NOT log into that new account using this machine), announce you won't be using this account anymore since you suspect it to be compromised, change the password into some random sequence long enough for you to be impossible to remember, same with any 'forgot my pw verification question' things. Write a random set of characters on a piece of paper (so you can repeat the sequence to verify the pw update), change the account password(s) to that, burn the paper, walk away.

Install the software from your phone vendor onto your freshly installed machine and make a backup of the data ONLY. Then wipe and restore to factory default (maybe even upgrade to the latest firmware if that's on the books). Put back the data from the backup (not the software, just the contacts list, any messages and photograps, that sort of thing).

You've pointed out yourself that you basically entrust your digital life and property to this machine. When you feel that trust has been violated, the only thing to do is to take your posessions, burn down the old and start over with something new.

And don't blame the girlfriend. There's a very real possibility this is just your paranoia acting up, but even if it isn't, why waste any more time and/or effort on this woman? You can let the anger fester in your mind as you try to come to grips with the current situation, or you step over this hurdle, start fresh, oh, and FUCK HER! She used to matter to you. That time has passed. Act like that and she'll get the message eventually. You'll be a lot happier a lot faster.

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Hack that bitch back!

and the antivirus software that I would recommend is AVIRA it was rated the best antivirus software by consumer reports.

Here is Consumer Reports


And here is an article about it


But really the best way to 100% know that your computer is virus and spyware free is to do a wipe and reload like COOPER said!

Hope this helped

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