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These are only a few that I found so far, I will be running more tests on other android devices soon.

Tested : LG G2

GUI e - Opens an Email (most likely Gmail)

GUI p - Opens Google Play Music

GUI a - Opens Calculator

GUI s - Opens Messages

GUI l - Opens Calender

GUI c - Opens Contacts

GUI b - Opens Browser

CTRL p - Open System Settings

CTRL SPACE - Google Search

Upcoming Tests :

  • LG G2
  • Droid DNA
  • Samsung Galaxy S5

I will keep this updated with all shortcuts that anyone already knows and that gets verified , Hope you all Find this Helpful . I noticed that there isn't much in these forums about commands on android devices for the USB Rubber Ducky , that i could find anyway . Have a Good day and don't Forget to Like this if it helps you. (:

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