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Pasting ASCII art in notepad with rubber ducky script

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Hello guys

I wrote a very simple script where u cant past your ascii art into a notepad.

In case u dont know what ascii is its something like :

_______ _
|__ __| | |
| | ___ ___| |_
| |/ _ \/ __| __|
| | __/\__ \ |_

U can generate your art from :


So lets get started

REM So first we are going to open notepad
DELAY 1000
STRING notepad
REM now insert the ascii text bij pasting in into your script.txt and add STRING and ENTER to every part of it.
REM for example
ENTER _______        _   
STRING |__   __|      | |  
ENTER    | | ___  ___| |_
STRING    | |/ _ \/ __| __|
ENTER    | |  __/\__ \ |_
STRING    |_|\___||___/\__|

REM please comment if you like or if i did something wrong it its my first simple script. 
REM u  can change the DELAY to what you like :)

So thats it, i hope u guys liked it :D

The only thing u need to do is change it to a injection.bin

I actually dont own a rubber ducky so im not able to test it but it should work :D


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