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[Suggestion] Run scripts when driver has been loaded

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So, seeing as Detour Duck can read and respond to Special keys on the keyboard, I just had an idea for a firmware that could detect when the driver was loaded, and then launch it's payload!

Think about it... When you first plug in a new keyboard to a computer, you can't type (obviously).

You ALSO can't toggle any of the special keys (caps, num, scroll) until the driver fully loads and the keyboard is ready.

My idea:

  1. Make a firmware that upon insertion, toggles the caps lock key rapidly,
  2. Check the caps key between each transition
  3. If the caps lock key is detected "on" after an "off" transition, then the keyboard had the capslock key on before the driver was fully installed
    1. Unfortunately, this method is not fullproof to detect and existing capslock condition
  4. When it registers at least 2 capslock activations, the keyboard is ready.
  5. Run the payload

Alternatively, based on a particular "blank" file on the card (caps.bin, num.bin, scroll.bin, etc...) rapidly toggle and use that key specifically :] That way it's even more customizeable!

Think it's possible? Also, is there any way to get the source of the hex firmwares? Specifically m_duck_v2.hex? I feel that is the most useful for my application and I wouldn't mind playing around with the firmware.


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