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Coding reverse IP lookup to get domain names


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I'm working on a Perl script to scan websites for files that could affect their security, for instance the phpinfi.php file. If you scan a range and the phpinfo.php file is found, the script outputs the IP address and a warning the file is found.

Ofcourse many sites can run of a single IP address, and to get these I'd need reverse IP lookup. I was wondering if anyone has ever coded something similar and knows of free, legal databases or sites to use (and how to interface with them).

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Yes, thanks Cooper! I remember reading this thread while researching, I just totally forgot it was on this very forum.

Basically it boils down to having my script query www.domaintools.com for the domains on a certain IP. I guess if you manually set up an account at www.domaintools.com, pass your login/password to the script, it could retrieve a list of domains that your have to strip from the HTML page, and have the script work with that.

Good thing the weekend is near! :)

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