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Testing a hardened Windows 7 virtual


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I've been putting some work into hardening a Windows system for personal use and I was wondering if I could get it safe enough to make it possible to run without antivirus and such nonsense in the background.

My plan is to finish setting up the machine, backup the harddisk file, and then just browse around clicking on all the buttons and banners people have been warning you about for the last decade or 2, just to see if anything will stick. And if something does stick, see what happened and how I can prevent that from happening again in the future.

What I'm trying to figure out for myself is if I can clamp down a machine so much that it's possible to do the minor things that I want (print, browse, email which is allowed to be webmail, other simple stuff) and still be sufficiently insulated from outside nastiness to not have it ruin the install.

The guides for clamping down I've got sorted and then some. What I'm lacking is URLs to sites that try to do bad things with your machine.

So now my question to all of you is, do you know of any such URLs? And please, make sure to put the urls as unclickable, maybe even within a Spoiler tag, to prevent people from accidentally destroying their installs.

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Spybot Search and destroy 1.6.2...safer-networking.org..........first off if you don't enable their tea timer or whatever it is called...... During install there are 2 options to uncheck...tea timer and something else below it, real time protection or something.....I'm drinking coffee.....not fully awake.....if you want I will run it later to tell you exactly what it is called.

Now if you do that there isn't anything running in the background........but the good part is their immunization.......it will change your hosts file to protect from bad urls.....it is the old spybot........but they still update it.

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We don't really want posts on these forums having a ton of URLs with malware on it. Don't want to get flagged.

Given that, please just PM me any nasty links/malware sites etc.

I'll ask Mr-Protocol to lock this thread.

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