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Multiple monitors with Rubber ducky

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i recently purchased a rubberducky. This thing is great. '

The problem i am seeing is if you have multiple monitors then it usually starts on what ever monitor your focused on..

Should it start on the primary monitor?

Is there away to force this in the code.

I always start with GUI d in the code after a delay at the start and that usually works but with multiple monitor machines it doesn't do it well.

Especially like Windows 8 with Three screens

Im also see that if you are focused on a window when you insert the usb it usually starts where ever your mouse is focused. So if you are focused on a web browser at the time of insert, it will start doing its thing there.

I understand this is basically a HID interface so its basically like a user is sitting in front of it. So are there any tips to start the code to make sure it focus's on primary screen and make sure its focused say out of any application?

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