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Kali linux on Raspberry Pi vs Tablet vs Laptop


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Hi guys, new here. I have kali running on a laptop and was wondering if you guys thought it was worth getting it onto a tablet and/or setting up on a raspberry pi. I'm relatively new to pent testing and want to make a career out of it (college student), so any advice is very, very helpful.

Thank you

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Apart from the experience of installing on a different platform I'd say don't bother. The tools are the same wherever you put it [1] so just stick with it on your laptop. I know so many people who rushed to get it on their tablets and asking them about it 6 months later none of them had used it for anything [2].

If you really want to learn what is going on, ditch Kali and go with some other distro, my personal favourite is Debian testing, and install the tools you want to use on that. You'll learn a lot more doing it that way and you'll have a machine with all the tools you actually need and know how to use rather than one with a ton of tools you have no idea what they do or will ever use.

[1] OK, different architectures mean some tools are slightly different but when starting out that doesn't matter

[2] There is a place for tablets when testing but fairly specific use cases and again, not when starting out.

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I keep a Kali VM ready for when I need a more obscure tool that I don't have installed natively but the vast majority of my tools are installed by hand on my Debian box. It means that I know all the dependencies are there and working, that I tested the script when I installed it so it is working and how I got it installed in case I need to do any work on it.

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