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Kali linux on Raspberry Pi vs Tablet vs Laptop


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Hi guys, new here. Not sure if this is right area. I have kali running on a laptop and was wondering if you guys thought it was worth getting it onto a tablet and/or setting up on a raspberry pi. I'm relatively new to pent testing and want to make a career out of it (college student), so any advice is very, very helpful.

Thank you

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Go with the laptop.

- Real keyboard and unless I'm mistaken you'll be typing quite a bit on it.

- More, easier to expand/upgrade and faster storage.

- Can be almost as light as a tablet.

- Much more powerful processor.

- Larger screen size.

- Far more expansion ports available. Useful when you need to take your uncompressed wordlists and such along to verify password strength.

- Neat and compact package - all you need is the laptop, a power plug and maybe for convenience a real keyboard and mouse but they're very much optional.

The Raspberry Pi is a toy. If you want to be taken seriously you'd treat it as such aswell.

A tablet to me only makes sense in those applications where a regular laptop is simply too bulky, not portable enough or outright overkill.

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