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iPhone 5 question (Mobile Pen testing question)


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So recently I watched a video on Motherboard, about hacking cellphones and what not, interesting video. I also watched this video on youtube by CNNMone . I want to know how would you go about intercepting in coming and outgoing text.

Theoretically could you use a wifi pineapple to conduct a man in the middle attack with a cell phone being the target? Or just by setting up using your own wifi network and then using programs to preform such task?

I noticed one of the guys in the Motherboard video was using Kali linux (I think) to steal cell phone info. Can you use kali linux for mobile pen testing?

This is where I'm stuck at with all of this. I don't know where to start, I need help getting pointed in the right direction. I'm not asking for someone to type up the whole experiment for me but rather give me a starting point.

*Must add, this is for research purposes only, I have no intentions of stealing or spying on others information. I would be using my own iPhone and network for this test.* If possible learn how the vulnerability works and build an app to combat the threat.


CNN Money

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True, if I wanted to have an easier target Android would be the way to go. It's reportedly the most vulnerable OS in the mobile industry thats widely used, with Apple right behind it. But the reason why I want to focus on the iPhone is because I have access to one. Unless you have any suggestions of a relatively cheap Android device that can be used.

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what ? Prateek Gianchandhani is a well known, ios Security researcher Twitter @prateekg147 u can check his website there's lot of ios hacking stuff including setting up of dvwa on ios. http://highaltitudehacks.com/. am fucking tired of Android. Also check infosec Institute resources.

Android & ios related hack materials.

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