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NTFS on another partition?


Is your NTFS encryptped/ on a diff partition?  

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    • Yes! I'm a security freak.. !
    • No! I run windows 98 without a firewall as well!

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Wow, So there I am with my boot disk (containing ntfs4dos), at home no problem, I put the drive in , boot from (usb) , and my autoexec.bat gets the windowssystem32configsam and system files.. no problem..

but I think I faced something I never bothered to look into before today..

I booted my key on a corporate computer.. but I cant get the C drive!!

(ntfs4dos fails to pickup the partition)

(no it's not just into another drive.. im not a total n00b thanks!!)

so Is the drive encrypted? is it another partition?

When I boot my (user) account in xp, I get the c: (ntfs drive) . .

in the root there is a boot.ini but I know buttkiss about bootloaders..

can anyone shed some light on what I experienced? (cant get the ntfs partition from a dos bootdisk, even with ntfs 4 dos, when I can get it to work from home) !



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madlogic i personally recommend using something like knoppix, it would probably be a better option than dos on a usb

you could use fdisk to get the filesystem id for every partition on the computer

i've never used ntfs4dos, but it's not really entirely unusual for people to have windows installed on something other than the first primary partition. So long as there is at least a primary partition that windows keeps a few files on, it is possible to have basically all the rest of windows on another partition somewhere else, it doesn't need to all be in c:

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hummm ... yeah its a sata drive... mine is IDE..

--> ill try some live cd and ill let you know..

thanks all

ps: I do this for fun, I work there... if I need admin rights to install something Its only a phone call away (our network support guys are reached over the phone) .. but Its only for the kick of doing it.. hehe

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Of course I am paranoid. Everyone is trying to kill me!

When it comes to security though seriously why are we such freaks about it. What is so important that you can’t afford to loose? And if it’s that important why have you not backed it up yet? Its not like you have your credit card info located in a text file on your C: called robmeblind.txt

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