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Client Mode - " No networks found "


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Some wierd bug with the MK5 i can't figure out looked at my MK5 this morning noticed the Red light on the MK5 was out login to the MK5 head over to the Client Mode Tile under Network getting a message saying "No networks found"

It's using wlan1 as the Interface when i click Scan it keeps saying the samething "No networks found"

Now i never touched other of the other features on the MK5 i simply left it running now for 23 hours and 50 minutes I would assume the only way i can fix this is to disable and enable wlan1

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Uhhh! was in the middle of doing a video was already connected to a network and reconnected to it then i lost connection to that network and wlan1 was showing up disabled. Also i notice im getting some text saying "False" in with my SSID's that show up it can be seen in my Client Mode video i posted here on the forum :B

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