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Configuring Ubuntu server 12.04 in VirtualBox


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HI All,

I am trying to get ubuntu server 12.04 to run in virtualbox.

I have set my machine for bridged interface. Port forwarded my router to port 80. still only accessible through through my lan.

I have tried configuring a static IP and set dns to point toward and and port forwarded my router. Still only available through lan.

I have tried using NAT and port forwarded my router still only through LAN.

I have followed 10 different tutorials and read about virtual networking and still can only access it through LAN.

In case you can't tell i need this server to be accessible over WAN.

Anyone know how this can be accomplished ?

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It may depend on how you are getting your internet. I tried to help someone with a similar situation. The service they were provided actually had a NAT/Firewall on the front end before it got to his apartment. So he is unable to host anything.

I would suggest checking your router's "external" IP address in it's manager. Then go to a website that detects your IP address like ipchicken and see if they match. If they don't, you may be in a similar situation.

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Ok I'll try it. I port forwarded on port 80 because the link to the file I'm trying to pull off it is https://

Then I tried setting up to forward from Port start 1 to end 40000 but still nothing. Also should still have a local IP after I forward?

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says it is open on another device.

ok i figured out my problem.

I was trying access the file using my internal IP. Once i Used my external IP. It worked,

I'm this has no effect on the software. Cause it requires me use an IP address.

In case your interested i am installing snoopy version 1 from sensepost.

They just came out with version 2 called snoopy-ng. which has a completely different setup.

Can't wait to see it in action though

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