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Overheating: Pelican Case + MKV

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So, anybody else having trouble keeping their pineapple cool when inside a pelican case with pineapple juice and the MKV itself?

I seem to have trouble when the air temp is much above 75 degrees. I've put the pineapple in shade, but it doesn't seem to help.

I'm beginning to think I'm only going to be able to execute pentesting in this manner for my clients in winter. Perhaps a larger case with an ice pack? LOL.

Of course condensation is a thing... bad for electronics.

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Go snap up one of these, mod a USB end to it, drill a small appropriate pattern of vent holes in the Pelican and attach the fan on the inside, being sure to tap another hole for the fan to draw outside air through/across the MKV.

Power it off of the USB port direct or use a hub if the port is in use with another radio, etc.


I just ordered a few for my Pi's, and an extra for the Pelican case. :)

Hope this helped!


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I guess im become a pain on this forum after awhile but i noticed that my MK5 got pretty warm while i was out getting chinese the other day i took the pineapple with me just to see how many devices would try to auto connect to it on the way back home when i got to the house when i picked it up i noticed it was pretty warm underneath the MK5 was wasn't in direct sunlight either.

I have it running in my room as a honeypot right now just picked it up you can feel a little heat i'd say its about as warm if you kinda breathed on your hand kinda warm.

I would imagine it can only get even hotter for my MK5 now that summer is here.

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Well, I was hoping to maintain some level of integrity of the waterproof bonus of the pelican case, but it seems I may have to find a creative way to filter some air in and out of the case.

Get some air holes in there so the pineapple can breathe maybe. :P

Also a little fan probably couldn't hurt to help things along. I'll have to tinker.

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