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Pineapple Getting Knocked Offline When Trying to Use Jammer


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Hello hak5 forums,

I am new to the wifi pineapple and keep knocking my pineapple offline, so this is probably a whitelist/blacklist I am failing on.

I am following: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/32787-karmajammersslstrip-step-by-step-help/

and adding the hex for my own wifi mac

and it seems to work UNTIL I am about to click onto the SSL Strip

This makes me think that it must be a whitelist/blacklist problem.

However when I go to reconnect to the Pineapple on my laptop the SSID to the Pineapple is not there, the only way to make it reappear seems to be to unplug it and reconnect it.

Then I can log in against successfully.

If it was just my laptop that got knocked off I would assume maybe a whitelist/blacklist failing but for the Pineapple to keep getting knocked offline, not sure.

any advice?


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Lol I found out the hard way just the other day when i turned the WiFi Jammer on connected to the pineapple over WiFi NOT! a good ideal i haven't seen how you can whitelist the pineapple from being attacked by the WiFi Jammer all i do know is if you connect to the Pineapple over WiFi and you start the WiFi Jammer you can't connect to the pineapple unless you get a enternet cable and connect it to a device to turn off the WiFi Jammer.

The Pineapple doesn't show up under the list of networks to whitelist or blacklist.

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