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SD Card doesnt work on a new device


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I just got my pineapple today. I did like the instructions said, entered the sd card and turned on the device. It kept blinking amber. On the wiki i read that you have to check for the files on the SD card which i couldnt read. I formatted it FAT (i read that was possible) and i had to download MD5 and update.bin from the download page.

I can only find the upgrade.bin files there (do i have to rename it to upgrade.bin or can i leave the name in tact how its downloaded?). I put the .bin file on teh SD and tried again, nothing happening still, just the blinking amber light.

Do i need the MD5 file? Where do i find it? Its not a zip file you download like the wiki says. Anything else i can or have to do?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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I'll try to make this as generic as possible as to serve any future visitors to this thread with similar issue:

1. Go to http://wifipineapple.com and click Downloads.

2. Download the latest firmware version.

3. Rename the upgrade-x.x.x.bin file to update.bin.

4. Create a new file with an ASCII text editor, such as vi, emacs or notepad.

5. Paste the MD5 checksum of the associated firmware downloaded in step 2 in this file. The file should contain only 1 line.

6. Save the text file as "md5" (no extension)

7. Format the Micro SD card FAT

8. Copy both files, upgrade.bin and md5, to the root of the Micro SD card

9. Insert the Micro SD card into the WiFi Pineapple Mark V

10. Power on the device and wait. Flashing typically takes ~5 minutes.

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