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dsploit for android


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Hi all

I have been experimenting with Dsploit over the last week.

now I was goingto download the version from chris at sun studio, but found it was in the google play store, so I downloaded this version.

1st thing I found was that the google version is twice the size, and it is full of ads.

I have rooted my samsung galaxy t3 sm-t210 before installed the version from google,but it didn't seem to work in key areas.

Now I am suprised that google Play would support this program, as their policy on tools for hacking is very clear, they kicked the router password database off for breaching this policy (still got my copy)

so I deleted it, and downloaded the version from sunstudio .

it seemed to be half the size, no ads, and the key MITM attacks works.

so the questionis, are they from the same source, or has someone spoofed a version to put on google play

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Oh that makes me happy bro.. Yeh.

This means one side of the coin - there are A Holes out there who steal peoples work and dont give them credit. - thats sad and not cool. but in the same respect you just dont download stuff from anywhere like drivers- you always go to the original distributer, or you will get trouble.

However! the app that the "Average" joe is likly to get - is full of adds and crap. Better chances are the app doesnt work as 1st post says, further they could actually be opening their andriod up to a real dSploit attack, and of course this means our networks are a smidgen more safer from the average guy with an andriod.

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Another good example to avoid....

Google play has Kali linux for android....

All it does is redirect you to a web site full of ads, and does nothing.

It is becoming like a wild west on google play..a lot of scam apps that are nothing but ad delivery platforms

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