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Programming Mark IV with Raspberry Pi


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I'm waiting for a uart programmer as the hakshop was out and I'm trying to use my Raspberry p instead. I have Tx, Rx and Gnd connected and have edited the cmdline and innittab files.
I get data over minicom but its all scrambled.

Baud is set at 115200, stop bits is 1, 8Bits.

I also ran a test by connecting the Pi's Tx and Rx together to send some text and it worked. Any ideas?

I've tried with different Bauds and also 7 bits.

If you've successfully flashed an Alfa AP121U with a Pi, I'd be interested in your experience.

EDIT: I managed to get it programmed with an Arduino Uno.

But I am still curious as to why it didn't work on my Raspberry Pi.

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