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[Support] sslsplit


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I guess you could ssh into the mark v and see if it will install and work.

I did see yours or someone's post on it.

I did a quick search, xiaopan may have said it was openwrt compatible, not positive though.

I wonder if this might be part of the coming mark v reboot in August.

Probably it will be kind of hush hush, wink and nod until then, if it is.

Who knows?

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the suspence for the new fw is killing me

This is not related to the new firmware. This is an new infusion for sslsplit.

sslsplit is a transparent SSL/TLS proxy whereas ssltrip transparently converts a secure https connection into a plain HTTP connection, this is why web sites are now using hsts.

sslsplit is really helpful during mobile application pentesting. Then, for sslsplit to work correctly and avoid warning on user-side, you need to install the certificate generated.

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Hats off to you Whistle Master on not just for giving us sslsplit but also for updating the other infusions making them compatible with the current firmware.

Regarding SSLsplit,

Are there any instructions for this. Seems to be strait forward, but when I press the start button and go to gmail, hotmail, etc.. I get this message:


Is there a workaround to this?

As always, MANY MANY thanks!

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The log does split in undred of them.

January 01 2014 06:04:10 [view | download | delete]
January 01 2014 06:03:58 [view | download | delete]
January 01 2014 06:03:07 [view | download | delete]
January 01 2014 06:03:04 [view | download | delete]
January 01 2014 06:02:59 [view | download | delete]
January 01 2014 06:02:48 [view | download | delete]
January 01 2014 06:02:31 [view | download | delete]
January 01 2014 06:02:27 [view | download | delete]
January 01 2014 06:02:23 [view | download | delete]
January 01 2014 06:02:22 [view | download | delete]

It would be cool to get all of them in just one.

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Many thanks Whistle Master. Will grab it a little later tonight.

Cheeto, that's how it works. It isn't like SSLstrip where it tries to simply remove SSL. Instead it has the attacker pretend to be the end user to the actual website and then applies its own encryption before passing on the data to the victim machine. This new encryption has a different set of keys and a different certificate. Unless you work for a real certificate authority (CA), you can't create automatically trusted certificates. As such, you have to make your own CA that obviously, no one even knows exists by default. To avoid messages like the one you got, you must add your new CA to the list of trusted CA's in your browser. It's fairly simple to do. Here's a link on how to do it (as well as use SSLsplit in general): http://blog.philippheckel.com/2013/08/04/use-sslsplit-to-transparently-sniff-tls-ssl-connections/#Create-and-install-root-CA-certificate

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