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getting ip addresses


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hi i am using kali linux, and i am looking for methods on getting ip addresses through flashchat with out having to send links that grab ip addresses. All tips, and methods would be apprecited. I am not looking for you to do the reserch for me just want somewhere to start basically.

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Netstat -np

scrole to the top of this output and u will see applications established ip's

I don't know anything about this chat application but I'm sure you are not directly connected to the other client.

So, it you most likely need to send a link u hope they click on...

And once u do have there ip I'm sure a simple nmap scan will show all filtered ports.

so you may need some social Engineering. exploit the user is better quicker results

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I also don't know this application, but with regular IRC you have DCC for sending files between users. DCC stands for Direct Client to Client so if you offer an enticing file for download (be creative... Snubs_Wedding_Night_Sextape.torrent or some such :lol:) and look at the netstat output during transmission you should be able to see the transfer which is going directly to the other person's IP address.

It won't ben innocuous and still requires action from the recipient (though some have auto-accept turned on for file transfers and redirect them to some quarantine folder) but it does show the recipient's IP. Make sure your file is sufficiently large that you can see the transfer taking place.

An alternative to netstat in this scenario is simple wireshark. At some stage the destination address is communicated to you as part of a DCC send. If you can grab that bit of communication from the line using wireshark you won't even have to actually provide the file. Just let it stall. You've got what you wanted. The recipient might complain, but your job is done.

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Not entirely relevant, but I have noticed that people will *almost always* click on links. It's a weird fetish the computer using world has. If you want to mask something, use a URL shortener first. Most of the shortening services offer a simple http based API, if you need it to be automated.

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