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My Pineapple Expansion Project


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Hello Pineapple community,

I would like to share with everyone a project that I have started working on. The route that I took was chosen because of the ease of implementation. The setup is very simple in terms of hardware. It is an arduino uno with an lcd and some dip switches. It is connected to the pineapple via usb, though for those of us who need the usb for a third radio, this setup could easily be hooked to the pineapple's serial port. I am using a python script to actually talk to the arduino, so the console access would have to be turned off on the hardware serial port. My idea was similar to the pineapple's already existing boot mode switches, however it differs in a key way:

- It allows the user to configure the pineapple interactively, in real time as opposed to the boot switches "set it and turn it on" approach.

Real time information can be fed to the user via the lcd, doing away with the need to connect to your drop box in order to configure it before deployment. Each switch can be configured to run a single command, change a setting or settings, or run complex multi step procedures. The 10 pin header that you see on the board breaks out the i2c, sw serial, and power so I can easily add functionality in the future.

I would appreciate any feedback that anyone has to offer. :smile:

-Andy Five



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Looks pretty good to me. Could do with a joystick / jogswitch and buttons - going to be hard to configure anything otherwise. Take a look at the Adafruit RGB LCD shield or the Pololu five position switch to see the kind of thing I mean.

Could fairly easily migrate to use the expansion bus too.

You might want to try a 3.3v microcontroller as the expansion bus can provide 3.3v.

You are likely to run into power related issues with the thing running off USB and using an external WIFI device...

Offload as much as possible to the Arduino - the AR9331 is slow and you want it so have to do as little as possible.

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