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undelete / recovery tools?

Darren Kitchen

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I use PC inspector file recovery from http://www.pcinspector.de/file_recovery/UK/welcome.htm

If data is in anyway recoverable, this tool will bring it back in most cases.

We use it on windows 2000/XP clients and 2000/2003 servers.

It has even recovered a file or two when a partition on a server was reformated (that I never really admitted to)... It didnt recover everything, but it was enough to help me bring back files thus keeping me employed. ( I blamed it on a virus ).

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I recently had a nightmare where the raid controller decided to destroy the array table (Had something to do with a corrupt Watchdog).

Needless to say, the partitions were messed up, so windows wanted to format, the user formated... then wanted to know why everything was gone?!

I tried everything on the internet from free to paid applications.

What ended up working flawlessly was TestDisk & PhotoRec.

It's built using cygwin, so it has no gui. But then again, the hardcore dont need no stinking gui.

And of course, always bring the files back to another drive if possible. Not going to help much if you write over the sectors you are reading.

* Edit - Just tried this on my USB drive, and it actually works unlike most of the other recovery tools I have used.

Also supports XBOX drives, hmm, Im going to try that out later (Actually, it seems this thing will run on all OS's and support all file structures).

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