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The page didn't load this morning. Now it's fine.

This concept is AWESOME!

And the name is very well chosen too :-)

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The point is that in some instances, you want to control the extent to which that what you're doing can be recorded, and how. In some cases it might even be a requirement. When someone spends a significant amount of money to create something that can be copied based on a visual observation (art, source code, a schematic to some type of tech that will revolutionize the industry) you'll want to control the exposure which that something receives. Banning Google Glass is simply one such way (the other being a heavy boot and a note that says 'recording devices are prohibited and entering the building with one will result in its immediate destruction. By entering this building you agree to these terms').

Frankly, to me the Google Glass wearers are like those pricks who in the early days of the mobile phone bought one of those bluetooth headsets, *NEVER* took them off and continuously talked to someone on it loudly as they paced across the floor to proveto EVERYBODY present they were important. My typical response to that particular breed of annoying little shits was to walk up and say "Yeah, hi. I'd like a big mac, large order of fries and aahhhh... has the milkshake machine been fixed yet?". That (and the roaring laughter of anybody that overheard) usually was sufficient.

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Well, there are more uses for these things than just being annoyances, I actually like the fact that there are now cameras everywhere, it becomes much less likely that you will be beat up or something and the offender gets away with it. You can now record people who break the law, whether it be with a google glass, or with the camera on a cell phone. I wasn't beat up or anything, but if I had one of these things a couple of years ago they could have spared me a bunch of heartache. Don't ask what exactly happened there's no point in pursuing the matter now.

Unfortunately due to the distinctiveness of the frames, probably not going to fool anybody anytime soon.

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