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Tomorrow: Reset The Net


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This has apparently been announced on monday but I didn't see anything about it here just yet:


This thursday (a.k.a. tomorrow) has been picked for a coordinated day of action to oppose mass surveillance online. The goal is to inform internet users of the things they can do to make their online activity more private. Simple stuff like configuring your browser to attempt https first by default.

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I find it a bit contradictory they want an email address. You can get the privacy pack info without pledging ( https://pack.resetthenet.org/ ), although its a start in the right direction I guess, I think having our email is a bit like asking us who we are anyway, which seems to be the opposite of what privacy is, or who and how we share our identity with others is used. I think a central site serving public info and educational awareness training with respect to online privacy is a much needed resource though. Not just in general but something that should probably be taught in grade schools as part of their normal computer and wireless/mobile device usage to protect kids in general so they know better as they grow older about the implications of their footprint in the digital age, what the dangers are from online predators or just implications to how their lives can be changed in what they share.

Too many kids are growing up today without a worry or thought about the social sites and apps they use or even too young to know about how to stay safe, where and how they connect or what they bother to share and without knowing who is viewing it. Everyone seems to have phones or networked devices they carry these days(well, a lot of people), including kids as young as kindergarten. My oldest is already asking for a cell phone and she is only 8! Hell NO! I myself never even owned a cell phone until my wife was pregnant and had a need for it in case of emergency, but kids today are so desensitized to the world around them; it's just part of the norm for them as if it's supposed to be there and they expect to have these devices and access to everything.

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