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MK5 Tutorial Request


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I was wandering if it were possible to access the pictures on a phone ( iPhone 4/5)

And other stuff like texts also I was wandering if it was possible a way to clone it or any things that I could do

I am a newb but I am trying to learn as much as possible.

Thank you in Advance

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The only way to do something like this would be to have a jail broken iPhone with OpenSSH running that still has the default login (root/alpine). Certainly not for something running stock firmware (if there is a way, it's not public knowledge).

You'd be surprised though. There's a lot of people who jailbreak their phone to unlock it and leave OpenSSH on there. All it takes is a quick nmap to check.

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Is it possible to log All things pineapple to one file and save it every 10 seconds or so to an sd card

i mean everything every little thing

thank you

Ps is this the right place to ask these questions

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As I thing, and please someone correct me if i´m wrong, this place is to ask about "lab poyects" or personal scenarios... and let me explain myself... If you are asking because you have an Iphone?... Yes this is the right place (anyway it would be correct to ask for an expecific cuestion, not general cuestions) Otherwise it would be an ilegal act and it will not be answer.

If you are looking for help the first thing that you have to do it´s study about your douts (well all do), but there is no problem about answering specific cuestions about... Would appreciate that the questions were more specific as possible. (Some of us are not native English-speaking) and it will demonstrate that you have striven to find solutions.

I must say that personally, I allways have found an answer in the forum or in videos or other places...

P.S. I thing you are not going to find an "all -in-one" tutorial to get an answer to you douts.

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