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Wireless payload delivery with VPN


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Hello all,

I am a bit new to the Wi-Pi scene. I would like to accomplish something with the pineapple, so I am hoping you may be able to point me in the right direction.

I want to be able to have people associate with the pineapple on an existing network that I have the credentials for. I would be essentially cloning the pineapple to their SSID so that devices that attempt to automatically login to this network will associate with the Pineapple. When they do they will be posted with an html page hosted on the pineapple that meets their requested page stating that they need to agree with update terms or something like this. when they do, they are wirelessly sent a payload to establish a meterpreter/reverse shell connection back to a machine running Metasploit. The payload will be stored on a removable usb Flash drive. all Macs will be spoofed, and the internet connectivity will need VPN and be routed through a Clear USB Wi-Max modem.

I would like to create an infusion to interface and accomplish everything through one interface if possible.

looking for someone to help me get this working, anyone interested??


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OK, on this premise, this will work, but will need to be tweaked a little.

Payload delivery : Check (Assuming that it can be modified for Linux/Windows/Mac OSX as Well as Windows Mobile, Android and iOS)

I have seen some mention of People wanting a way to connect through VPN. This process will need a means to Spoof Mac Address of the Pineapple, Connect through VPN and Use the Clear WiMax Modem.

I would like to create an infusion to tie this all together. is anyone interested in working on this??

presently I am having some issues with getting evilPortal working with the new firmware.

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