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trying to flash the Pineapple


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the SD card that came with the unit is bad, so I am trying to use a different one. when I download the firmware file, I am only getting the .bin file, not the md5 file that the instructions state I should be placing on the card too.

Where do I get this file from??

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Ok, I read in another post that the md5 file is not required. But when I reboot the mk5 with just the .bin file after a min or so the red led comes on . With the original as card (that is unreadable on my PC ) the amber light just blinks and blinks .

Any suggestions??

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Thanks for the reply, I will try this. Quick question, why would the pineapple be bricked ?? This is the first time I have ever turned it on...

Usually because of an error with the files written to the SD card.

We have implemented some new QA procedures to stop this from happening in the newer batches.

Don't worry though, this will get you up and running.

Best Regards,


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