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Possible NIC conflict when using external 036NHA?


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While recently testing with a couple Alfa NICs, I was using a AWUS036NHA (AR9271) and the pineapple sees the nic at boot, but I have an odd behavior with client mode. if I go to the network tile and try and use the 036nha (wlan2) interface in client mode, I scan successfully but attempting to connect to a network causes the 036NHA to appear to power down and not connect. The large tile says connection initiated, but the connection information section continues to say not connected when refreshing.

The really odd behavior is that when I try and scan and the 036nha appears to power down, it also appears to take wlan1 with it. Behavior was the same regardless of if wlan1 was connected to an AP or not.

As a test, I swapped the 036nha for a 036nh (same usb cable and everything). This one did not have any issues connecting to an AP, and did not reproduce the behavior of bringing wlan1 down.

To confirm the 036nha is not bad, I connected it to my kali netbook and was able to connect to the same AP I was attempting previously without issue.

Wi-Pi is running 1.4.1

Using wall-wart that came with it.

Two things I have not yet tested:

Downgrading to 1.4.0 or 1.3.0

Powered USB hub (could be a current issue?)

Has anyone else encountered a similar experience?

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