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Mailvelope - completely worthless?


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After reading up on how Mailvelope works there *appears* to be (at least) one fatal flaw - if you use it with gmail, google automatically saves a draft of your email before you send it.... and I'm guessing that mailvelope does not take this in to account... ie, before you encrypt your message a draft of your unencrypted message is forever saved on google's servers and you're back to square one. Obviously in transit the message is ok but what if you don't want Google sniffing your personal emails for sales opportunities? Maybe Mailvelope does take this in to account and I am uninformed - can anyone talk intelligently regarding this?

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Well - looks like I found the answer to this:

"Decrypted messages are displayed in a separate modal popup.

Encryption Mode

Two different modes are available to compose a secure message:

1) In a separate editor window

The mail is composed in a separate popup window and only transferred in encrypted form back to the webmail provider's editor. In this variant the clear text of the message will never leave Mailvelope.

2) In the compose editor of the webmail provider

You compose your email in the editor of the webmail provider. That means before you encrypt the email, the provider potentially has access to what you type. This comes often as a feature with the auto-save drafts function: the incomplete (and unencrypted) mail is stored every few seconds on the server. This variant might make sense for your special use case, but be aware that this violates the concept of client-side encryption as the unencrypted message or parts of it can leave your browser.

Remember Password

Mailvelope can cache passwords for private keys in local memory. You can activate the cache in the security settings or with the password dialog. Passwords have a lifetime which can be adjusted in the settings and are always deleted when you close the browser window.


Mailvelope currently does not support digital signing of messages. This feature is under development"

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