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Newbie Clarity Question - AP connection


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Hi thanks for your patience in advance. best i put this in as Layman's terms as possible.

I have connected wifi pineapple via ethernet to a windows PC. Followed the steps to allow others to connect through the PC's internet connection. The Mrk V is successfully connected to my wifi network (have updated it and all functions work). The Pineapple's Wifi signal can be connected to as an unsecured AP with some devices (smartphone yes Mac desktop no) but does not have internet access. Several have tried already and I can see through Karma that there have been successful associations; one from my smart phone, and another device. I have changed the SSID of the Pineapple to a generic name for now.

My confusion is that what I am trying to monitor are those connections which access my main secured wifi connection regularly (normally 5-7 devices). I was under the impression I could redirect devices connecting through my main wifi to pass through the Pineapple AP where information can then be logged. Have I misunderstood or just not been able to find guidance on how to do this.

I believe from what I have read and viewed that i have to deuthenticate? or bump everyone off my main wifi network and when their devices look for the network to join it is at that moment that they will join the Pineapple's passthrough connection to gain access to the main wifi.

Do I - change the SSID of the Pineapple to the same SSID as my main wifi network and have everyone connect in this manner? I tried connecting directly through the pineapples wifi with my smartphone and had all sorts of internet connection issues...so i am hoping that is not the solution.

Have I missed a step?

Thanks in advance

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TYTechnolust is asking the right question. Why do you have an Ethernet cable being used for Internet connection sharing at the same time you have the pineapples Client Mode in use?

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Since you are using a Windows PC, perhaps this video will be helpful.

Windows Internet Connection Sharing - WiFi Pineapple Mark V - Pineapple University

Additionally, it may be better to work with the Pineapple in stages to gain more familiarity with it's functionality and how WiFi functions.

Sample Stages:

Stage 1 - Connect via Ethernet. Navigate WiFi Pineapple interfaces to become familiar with the stock functionality.

Stage 2 - Connect via Ethernet. Configure Windows to share Internet access with WiFi Pineapple. Use a device from WiFi lab (laptop, iPod, tablet, etc) to connect to the default SSID. Verify Internet access.

Stage 3 - Connect via Ethernet. Configure Windows to share Internet access with WiFi Pineapple. Enable Karma. Use a device from WiFi lab (laptop, iPod, tablet, etc) to connect to the 'karma'd' SSID. Verify Internet access.

Stage 4 - Connect via Ethernet. Configure WiFi Pineapple to connect to an AP for Internet access.


The above are just examples. It's really up to you based on your level of experience (WiFi, Linux, Windows, etc). If you are less experienced, it may be better to take it slow and go through the WiFI Pineapple University videos, Tutorials on the forums, forum threads, etc.

I personally use a small NetBook loaded with Kali Linux in my WiFi lab environment. The wp5.sh script is quick and easy and haven't had an issue having the NetBook connected to the WiFi Pineapple via Ethernet and the Pineapple connected to an AP. Clients who connect to the Pineapple are able to access the Internet and I can still access the Pineapple management page from the NetBook.

Helpful Links:

WiFi Pineapple University

WiFi Pineapple WiKi

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