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3g modem configuration guide


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Hi guys.

I am a visitor of this forum since I owned my first Pineapple (Mark IV) but so far had no real use to register here - until now.

I have seen that many of you have problems to configure their 3g modem connection, so I decided to write a small Howto for this in the next days.

So far I will include the following topics:

+ how to figure out if you modem is supported

+ how to figure out the right connection settings

+ how to find out the necessary information to create you own usb_modeswitch configuration

Are there any other points that you would like to have included?

@Darren: Will try to make it detailed enough so you can integrate it into the Pineapple Wiki.

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Excellent work...this should help greatly avoid the pitfalls of setting up 3g modems

Darren, Sebkinne and the rest of the team, thank you for all your efforts....

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I've got a Huawei E173u USB modem that I'm dying to get working with my WiFi Pineapple... I will be following this thread with interest! Using a USB 3G modem is still quite foreign to me.

I'm using this thread as a guide :-


I hit a stumbling block trying to insert the kernel module

root@Pineapple:/proc/tty/driver# insmod usbserial vendor=0x12d1 product=0x1436
insmod: can't insert 'usbserial': File exists

I'm fortunate that my wireless ISP does not use NAT and I have a static publicly accessible IP address... easy access to the Pineapple!

***EDIT*** Firmware v1.4.1 has fixed this problem. Please disregard! :smile:


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