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Does the Pineapple Mark V need to be shutdown gracefully?

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I'm pretty sure this has been asked before and the answer was No... I just yank the plug and never have had any issues. Of course I tend to shut programs down before I do that but I don't send any linux "power off" commands or anything. Is your SD card the original?

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I was more poking at the Class rating of the SD card than anything. If it was formatted by the pineapple you should be good. In the older versions of the firmware I would rarely see what you are describing. I would yank the power and reseat the SD card and it would boot up just fine. I haven't really used 1.04 enough to see if it happens again. Even in the old ones it wasn't every other boot though.

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I've been having some SD issues lately too. Just after the last firmware update it did not recognize the SD card. I had to reformat it just to get it to show again. Its an upgraded 32g class 10 card.

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