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How to flash Apple Firmware to run multiple OSs natively?


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I'd like to flash the apple firmware if this is possible. What type of firmware would you write to run multiple OSs, and how would you flash the firmware --via USB? The firmware should remove the restrictions for 'gpt' and other concerns within the protected UEFI.

The laptop in question is a MacBook Air (mid-2014). I hope to run OSX, Liberte, and Ubuntu Private Remix.

Thanks for any suggestions!

PS. If you have suggestions for wiping the UEFI and Firmware of any hacks, please, do share. Thanks!

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Do correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you're effectively asking us where you can find a new BIOS for the motherboard in a Macbook...

I think you're going to have a hard time doing that.

Try to figure out how you can configure the mac's bootloader so that post-bios a menu appears allowing you to pick the OS to be kicked in. The word you're probably going to look out for is 'chainloading'.

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Yes Refind!!! is the best boot manager available to do this... It's a pain to setup... or at least it was for me. The partitioning was tricky on my macbook air. I built out 3 partitions 2 for the core os's and 1 for swap. I had some issues with Ubuntu during the installation process and that grub manager is a pain. It would be nice to replace it completely with EFI boot manager... more research required.

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