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Linux Internet Connection - Problem

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So I just purchased the pineapple mark V. I was watching the Linux internet connection video...When I ran sudo ./wp5.sh I received the following syntax error: newline unexpected.

I spent some time looking online and on these forums and couldn't find how to over come the error.

I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 64. where am I going wrong?

Thank you in advance for all your help.

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Thanks for the reply...I tried it again. I still get the same error. I copied and pasted my commands below. I appreciate the help!

me@computron:~$ wget http://wifipinapple.com/wp5.sh
--2014-05-19 18:21:40-- http://wifipinapple.com/wp5.sh
Resolving wifipinapple.com (wifipinapple.com)...,,, ...
Connecting to wifipinapple.com (wifipinapple.com)||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 (OK)
Length: 1398 (1.4K) [text/html]
Saving to: ‘wp5.sh’
100%[================================================================================================================================>] 1,398 --.-K/s in 0s
2014-05-19 18:21:41 (52.9 MB/s) - ‘wp5.sh’ saved [1398/1398]
me@computron:~$ chmod +x wp5.sh
me@computron:~$ sudo ./wp5.sh
./wp5.sh: 2: ./wp5.sh: Syntax error: newline unexpected
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