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WWW pages not working


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This is probably a case of not seeing the wood for the trees, but I would apprichate some help please.

I have tried NoDogSplash, that works. So I have a screen saying this is a test network, do not connect etc and Accept if authorised only. That works.

I now want to use DNS Spoof.

It seems to be working as I can see it is recording the enteries... > 30956+ A? secure.gravatar.com > 25398+ A? apis.google.com > 34809+ A? connect.facebook.net > 41537+ A? apis.google.com > 61716+ A? s-static.ak.facebook.com > 8429+ A? accounts.google.com > 8429+ A? accounts.google.com > 38648+ A? oauth.googleusercontent.com > 29901+ A? ssl.gstatic.com > 38648+ A? oauth.googleusercontent.com > 29901+ A? ssl.gstatic.com > 50382+ A? 33-courier.push.apple.com > 8975+ A? us-courier.push-apple.com.akadns.net > 46438+ A? api.steampowered.com

...but at no time will it go to my new pages.

I have them in the root...


So I figure, I can browse to them from ( the files are there ), but they don't show.

It's like the WWW service is not working ???

Any help, very much valued. Perhaps a link to a real idiots guide of setting up DNS Spoof, but it can't possible be this hard I hope!!!


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If you have configured your pineapple to use NoDogSplash then the webserver on /www is now running on port 8080 so your URL should include the port

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