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network segregation with its own vpn connection


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Is it possible and how it can be done to have a router with custom firmware ie. dd-wrt, open-wrt with a configured network segregation with each "network" having its own vpn connection ie. pptp or openvpn for my roku and other gimoz and if this can be done can some one recommend a modem router can do this with.

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Wow. That's a long sentence.

Let's start with one suggestion. Call it "segmentation" since "segregation", while similar, has a rather negative interpretation.

What I think you want is that you have a router connected to a network and a number of devices, let's say 3 of them and call them A B and C for now, connected to it.

Your goal is to be able to VPN in from the network, through the router, into either A, B or C directly. So at any given time you can setup a VPN session to A, or to B, or to C, or all of them at once which would involve 3 separate VPN sessions.

The way you would do this is you would not run a VPN server on the router, you would run one on each of the devices you want to connect to (A, B and C here). All you need to do on the router to allow this is to set up port forwarding from external network ports X, Y and Z to the VPN service ports on machine A, B and C respectively. I have yet to encounter a router incapable of supporting this setup so just pick the cheapest lump of plastic you can find for this.

For the VPN service on your A, B and C machines, well, you'll have to look into what OS is running on those devices, what VPN server software is available on there and how hard it would be for you to set things up.

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That should be doable too from a technical standpoint. On linux you get a virtual network device that represents the vpn and a routing rule that forces all traffic through that tunnel (that's how cisco vpn does it) and if you manage to kill the route and start a second tunnel to a different network it should work. But both networks *must* have a different ip range, otherwise it's impossible tomproperly route your traffic.

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