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Optimizing Android web interface


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Hi Everybody,

I've recently bought my first smartphone... a Google Nexus 5. (I'm a long time Nokia fanboi)

Is there anyway to optimize the Wifi Pineapple web interface "experience" when using a web browser on a smartphone. Chrome seems to be better than Firefox. The text in the tiles when using Firefox is TOO BIG! Chrome seems more like you would expect from a 1920x1080 display... but the text is very small and if I didn't have my glasses on I would not be able to read it. I'm forever zooming in and out to read what is going on.

Can the WiFi Pineapple web server tailor the web pages for the device viewing them? Or is that asking too much of it?


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What should happen is that the html has multiple css files referenced where the "media" attribute is used to identify your screen size and this will select the css file to use.

So it's not a Pineapple issue, it's an html and client rendering issue.

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Seb showed me a demo using some code that makes the main interface look better on a phone, but then the large tiles look terrible. A more mobile responsive design is on the list - but it's a long list. If anyone happens upon magic code that "does the thing" without compromise we're all ears.

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