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Examples of DIP switches commands mark V


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I thought it would be nice to have an overview of creative examples of commands to execute on bootup for all the newbies including myself. It's not that difficult to do but seeing creative examples could inspire.

I found 2 examples (here below) from http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/index.php/DIP_Switches

I would suggest to fill this topic with some nice commands to get inspired. Hopefully you all agree with that.


ifconfig wlan1 up; airmon-ng start wlan1; airodump-ng --write /sd/airodump.csv --output-format pcap mon0;


hostapd_cli -p /var/run/hostapd-phy0 karma_enable; urlsnarf -i br-lan > /sd/infusions/urlsnarf/includes/log/output_`date +%s`.log &

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In this forum I found some discussions, and pieced together this little one liner had to use jjd's mac changing script, because the executable on the pineapple doesn't work well with openwrt. Also used a command made by "The bunny man" to change the pineapple's SSID. Change some net to something else, that's my ssid! ;)

changemac -r && hostapd_cli -p /var/run/hostapd-phy0 karma_change_ssid "some_net"



I am also trying to figure out in another thread how a command for sniffing cleartext passwords works, it seems to only run for a few moments, and I am trying to get it to filter, and then dump to a file. Also, the "&&" is the concatenation operator in linux, so you can append multiple commands to each other.

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