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DEV/Test Lab Setup Walkthrough, anyone interested?


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Heya Guys,

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a DEV/Test lab build walkthrough, I'm about to build another one for my new work laptop and I thought it might be some good information for people just starting out with virtualisation/security.

I'll be building it all in VMotion with the following.

Router - Sophos UTM or Vyatta, these are both virtual routing devices but I haven't had a lot of EXP with the Sophos solution so I'm keen to give it a shot, has some nice AV/Security features.

Operating Systems - Windows Server 2012/2008/2003, Windows 8/7/XP, Ubuntu Servers such as Metasploitable and Kali (I'll probably add more but this is what I remember off the top of my head!)

Services/Products - Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, Exchange, SCCM, SCOM and IIS (This will change a lot as I chew through the environment and find more things to play with!)

Thats a rough overview, and about all I can think of until this coffee kicks in.. I'm aware it's rather windows based but the majority of the environments I work in are Windows based.

Let me know your thoughts, no biggie if no one is interested :cool:

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Quite interested. What do you intend to use your environment for? To make it a little more specific, what will you do with it first once everything's setup?

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It'll be used pretty broadly but the best term I can come up with is proof of concept. Being able to demonstrate to a client how a vulnerability/fix/application solution works with 100% zero impact to their environment. I'll also be using it to study for some industry certifications I'm aiming for.

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