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Pineapple V - New User and Customer

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First of all "Hi all", great to be here and have access to this product.

I brought this so I could do some pentesting on Wireless as it beats having to use scripts to emulated access points etc with the Alfa cards as well as have DHCP servers setup and running to use info from Airodump.

Anyway, just a few questions that I'd like some help on please.

1. I see that it's not possible to encrypt the SSID of the Pineapple with WEP / WPA(2) and have funationality with Karma.

Is it possible to have it hidden in anyway from the GUI so it does not appear "so" visable on wireless lists unless your looking for it with the known MAC etc.

I am assuming that you might be able to make it hidden via SSH'ing onto the device but wanted to check out am I missing anything here.

2. Slow.

This might be down to me, but this is slow as mud. I apprichate that I am bridging two networks here, the clients to external but really this slow ?

Using an iPad everything times all the time and I do not have that problem with existing AP's.

My setup is as follows:

a) Configure the wireless network for the Pineapple to connect to ( where it gets it's internet from ).

b) Run Karma and watch probes connect and then clients associate happily.

c) See nothing happen etc when looknig at SSL strip etc.

So, I try to connect with my iPad and it works perfectly. However 9 / 10 times the connection drops or times out.

I expect that this is something what I am doing, but it does not feel that everything is in place!

I am running version 1.3.0 of the firmware.

Is there anything from the off that anyone can suggest. I have a seriously good connection from the enviorment that I am working in that works fine on Wireless for everything but this.

I am sure that this is "user error", I just need some direction please.


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Actively discouraging people from buying a Pineapple and suggesting that a heads up be on the store website are two different things.

Telling people not to buy a pineapple is pointless and (IMHO) is trolling. Telling people that there is a currently ongoing issue with the pineapple but a fix is set to be implemented is just allowing people to make informed choices.

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