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Best battery pack for mark v

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Ok I looked back a few pages and didn't see a open thread about it so I wanna ask what is the best battery pack for the mark v? I see they have 2 different batteries that come with the respective bundles but what are you guys running for longer periods?

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Lol I've done a lot of shopping these past few days. So far I've ordered :

15 Alfa AP51's

Wifi Pineapple Mark V Elite Bundle

Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo

CanaKit Raspberry Pi Ultimate Starter Kit

DVK511 Expansion Board

9" TFT LCD Display Mod

17 32GB Samsung Class10 Micro SD

A Pelican 1300 NF case


That's whats ordered as of now.. I have a box full of Toshiba 1TB Ex HDDs

And a bunch of other random stuff lol I'm gonna see what kind of mayhem I can cause once I get this project going

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Nothing yet what's arrived already is still packed away in their boxes. When I get everything together the plan is to set up the mark v in my truck.. The ap51s I'm going to flash into mark llls and deploy all over town near all of the open networks... For educational purposes... My main focus at this point is my pi. I figure the model b rev 2.0 has 512mb ram so I'll upgrade the SD card from the 8gb to a 32gb and boot from that and run kali linux off of a 1tb toshiba external HDD. Pineapple will run off the 74 hour battery included in the bundle and I'll run the pi off a dodocool 12000mAh backup battery/charger and I'll put a power converter in the box in case I need to plug it into my cig. Lighter in case of emergencies. You know same ole same ole

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